SQL Developer & Data Modeler v18.3 Are Now Available

Things to know:

  • MANY bug fixes
  • The Windows Embedded JDK is now Version 8 update 181
  • You can have nested connection folders in the main and DBA connection panels
  • Real Time SQL Monitoring reports can be exported to (non-flash) HTML


Some of you out there work with MANY databases, and so of course have tons of connections to work with in SQL Developer.

Now you can have as many levels of folders as you want to manage your connections. Drag and drop to move them around. Or right-click to add to an existing or new folder.

Same process for the DBA panel.

If you export your connections, you’ll see we’re storing them in JSON now vs XML.

And you can organize connections by connection type:

Or not!

Real Time SQL Monitoring

If you need to share a report with someone, use the Save As Report button.

We still have a few things we need to add to the RTSM reports, so stay tuned!

All HTML, no flash.


  • Renamed Cloud PDB connection type to Cloud Wallet
  • Data Pump Export (copy DMP to OSS and Data Pump Import to Cloud) better UI and workflow
  • Cart Deploy to Autonomous (ATP & ADW) Cloud – move one or more database objects and local files to OSS and dbms_cloud import into Autonomous DB Services
  • open url link in browser from the worksheet/code editor
  • Custom syntax, pl/sql highlighting rules
  • Refactoring enhancements:
    • Combined extraction of procedure/variable/function under single action
    • Re-implemented procedure extraction
    • Fixed forum complaint of VARCHAR2(100) being too small

I’ll definitely for sure cover the Cart Deploy to Cloud and Data Pump features in subsequent posts.



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