The first impression of MySQL 8 system variable innodb_dedicated_server

We manage several hundreds of MySQL servers, We carefully benchmark and build custom database infrastructure operations for performance, scalability, availability and reliability … But What if we have provision for auto sizing of MySQL system variables innodb_buffer_pool_size, innodb_log_file_sizeand innodb_flush_method ? Actually, These are top 3 system variables we consider tuning for MySQL performance and when we first read about this feature, we got super excited so did some research and decided to write this post:

What was our first reaction, when we first read about innodb_dedicated_server ?

Wow, That will be awesome … Indeed, When we manage several hundreds of MySQL instances, This feature will really improve efficiency and DBA Ops. governance.

Now, Let us explain what we have found:

How does innodb_dedicated_server system variable in MySQL 8.0 size the following variables:

  • innodb_buffer_pool_size:
    • <1G – 128M (default value if innodb_dedicated_server is disabled / OFF)
    • <=4G = Detected Physical RAM * 0.5
    • >4G : Detected Physical RAM *0.75
  • innodb_log_file_size: 
    • <1G: 48M(default value if innodb_dedicated_server is OFF)
    • <=4G: 128M
    • <=8G: 512M
    • <=16G: 1024M
    • >16G: 2G
  • innodb_flush_method 
    • Set to O_DIRECT_NO_FSYNC if the setting is available on the system. If not, set it to the default InnoDB flush method

The first impression of innodb_dedicated_server system variable in MySQL 8.0 is impressive, Definitely will deliver much better performance than default value. This new feature will configure the MySQL system variable mentioned above more intuitively to improve DBA productivity. Till MySQL 5.7 it was always presumed 512M RAM with the default settings.

Are we going to follow this in our daily DBA checklists  ?

Not really, We are an very conservative team about implementing the new features immediately in the critical database infrastructure of our customers, Also we are afraid about the isolated issues due to auto sizing of MySQL / InnoDB memory structures, Let’s explain why we will not be using this feature immediately for our MySQL 8.0 customers:

  • We carefully size InnoDB memory parameters on various factors like database size, transaction complexity, archiving policies etc.  So we want to be hands-on or follow manual sizing of system variables innodb_buffer_pool_size, innodb_log_file_size and innodb_flush_method.
  • Capacity planning and sizing – We are always afraid of over / undersizing of our database infrastructure operations. Database infrastructure operations reliability is very critical for us, We have dedicated team with-in to monitor and trend database infrastructure operations and system resource usage consumption.

P.S – innodb_dedicated_server system variable is a relatively new feature, We are confident MySQL engineering team will be improving this component in coming days so our perspective will also change, We will never forget then to blog about this feature and why we are seriously thinking about implementing it for our customer production infrastructure.. Technology keeps changing for good, We are adaptive for the change !

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