UKOUG Presentations for Tech13

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I’m giving 2 presentation this year at the UK Oracle User Group Tech13 Conference

The first is a discussion about the reason why you do or do not need to do low level detail traces and block dumps, and argument with Martin Widlake (and the audience hopefully). This is at 4pm on “Super” Sunday 1st.
Presentation 1 Abstract

I will also be presenting Why did my plan change? A run through of the top few reasons why Oracle (un)expectedly changed your execution plan, and what you can do about it using SQL Plan Management. This is on Tuesday 3rd December at 17:45.
Presentation 2 Abstract

I hope to see you there, or in the Pub at a MOB* (probably propping up the bar in the Peveril of the Peak given it’s close and good)


*Manchester Oracle Beers, a sister evening to the London Oracle Beers

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UKOUG Presentations for Tech13



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