Version 18.2 Is Now Available (SQLDev, SQLcl, DataModeler, ORDS)

It’s that time of year again, we have just released updates to all of our tools!

Downloads Here:

That’s right, we updated ALL OF THEM.

Let’s Talk about SQL Developer

It’s a minor release, no new major features have been introduced. But, we fixed a TON of bugs. And more than several of those were reported on the FORUMS. Thanks again to everyone in the community who pitches in to help make the product that much better.

Now, just because it’s a minor update with ‘just bug fixes,’ doesn’t mean there aren’t some goodies in there for everyone.

If you look at the Release Notes, there are a few feature tweaks & improvements.

A few for you to chew on now…

If you like DBMS_XPLAN, we can help generate those for you now, there’s a new Item on the Explain drop down control.

Generate DBMS_XPLAN statements for your Queries.

Also, when using Code Insight to complete your PL/SQL calls for you, we’ll auto-format the parameters list and close the ); for ya.

Better code insight for your PL/SQL

One more GIF…and there’s really two things here.

The Query Builder has been in the tool for a long time, but here recently it was suffering from a pretty bad performance problem. It could take as long as 20 seconds to render a query! So we fixed that, it should be near instantaneous for you now.

And while you’re in there, if you’re a fan of Oracle or ANSI Style Joins, the Query Builder can help you switch back and forth – it’s just a right-click now.


A Quick Note on SQLcl

SQLcl is now officially it’s own product, not just another offering of SQL Developer. There’s not much change for you, the consumer…but if and when you contact My Oracle Support for assistance, you’ll soon see it listed as it’s own separate listing.

And, as a last-minute addition for 18.2, @krisrice thought you all might like this:



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