What’s Keeping You From Oracle Database 12c OCP?

Now that you have achieved your first step on your Oracle Database Certification path, why not continue to the next level and upgrade at the same time to version 12c? 

Keeping your skills sharp and relevant are key to maintaining your career relevancy.  Hear from Oracle Database Expert Joel Goodman An Insider's Perspective on why staying current is so important.

Show employers you have the Oracle Database skills that today's market demands.

“Having passed the certification is the best you can do to show maximum experience even when nobody has the version in production yet. Once again, it is the way to have one step ahead. “ - Franck Pachot Oracle Certified Master & ACE Director  Read his full story 

How to Prepare for Oracle Database 12c Certification

There are some great training courses you can take to learn the latest in Database technology.  Or if you already feel up-to-speed there, an Exam Prep Seminar package may be exactly what you need. 

Here is what's included:

  • 4-6 hours of recorded content where you are expertly guided through what is needed to pass the exam. 
  • Access to a practice test.
  • An exam voucher and a free retake if you need to make a 2nd attempt. 

All for a great price of $618 USD!

And last but not least, if you feel prepared Get Your Voucher now and schedule your exam!

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