What’s New with Oracle Certification – November

Learn about new exams, exams that are retiring and all the great things that are happening in the Oracle Certification Program.  

New Exams and Certifications

Now Offering Over 30 Oracle PaaS Certifications - Find the One that's Right for You!

We have over 30 Oracle PaaS Certifications available, spanning Data Management, Application Development, Integration, Business Analytics, Management Cloud, Content and Experience, and Security. 

There are two ways these exams may be purchased and taken:

  1. As stand-alone certifications.
  2. As part of the associated Oracle Learning Subscription -where exams are included - at no additional cost.
Take Your Oracle Certification Exam in Person or Online

In addition to integrated training + certification, purchasing an Oracle Learning Subscription gives you a chance to take your exam online proctored.  This means training and testing anywhere, anytime and on your schedule. 

Explore All Certifications 

Explore All Cloud Learning Subscriptions

Oracle Certification Continues to Drive Success

We love to receive your stories:

  • Stories that are personal and describe why you wanted to become certified and what you learned along the way.
  • Stories that teach others how you solved a customer or business issue using the skills and knowledge you gained through the process.

If you're on the fence about investing in Oracle training or certification, we hope the stories of personal successes inspire and motivate you. 

You are in good company!




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