Why You Should Care About Oracle Certification

Getting certified validates your skills and is a great way to build your professional career. The process of getting ready for your certification exam builds knowledge, expands your skill set, and is a confidence boost!  Becoming certified also provides an edge that sets you apart from the rest.  Download the NEW Certification Matters infographic to see more reasons why certification matters.

The Oracle Certification Program is structured so that each level represents a set of skills and capabilities to a defined job level and role.

Start building your knowledge with achieving the Oracle Certified Associate credential. Then progress onto the Oracle Certified Professional to show your deeper more advanced possession of skills in a specific technology or product. The Oracle Certified Master certification is the highest level and the most elite. Oracle Certified Masters demonstrate by passing a hands-on performance based exam their ability to apply their skills in real-world scenarios.

Get started by selecting the exam that fits your role and use the exam topics as a study guide.  This will help you assess if you are ready to schedule your exam

Join the over 2 million who have achieved Oracle Certification!   



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